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Remtec - based in Chambly, Quebec - was founded in 1979 by Mr. Peter Roberts father of the current President, Mr. Anthony Roberts.

Throughout its history Remtec has achieved a great number of major projects.

These include the development of the eastern Canadian market for aluminum trailers for the transportation of petroleum products and liquid asphalt, contracts with the Canadian and American armed forces as well as other international export contracts.

From 1979 to present, Remtec has continued to refine its aluminum petroleum semi-trailers as well as other semi-trailers to balance the fine line between government regulations and customer use and efficiency.

In recent years, Remtec has focused its efforts on its core commercial products primarily in the Canadian market. The majority of products manufactured by Remtec are:

  • Aluminum semi-trailers and B trains for refined petroleum (DOT& TC406)
  • Aluminum semi-trailers and B trains for crude oil (DOIT & TC407)
  • Aluminum insulated semi-trailers and B trains for hot products (DOT & TC406)
  • Aluminum semi-trailer for transport of wastewater.


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